Joshua "TechDev" Walker

I am an Honorable Vet Turned Tech, Passionate About AWS, Programming, Data Science and People

Joshua TechDev Walker

I was honorably discharged from the United States Army after six years as a Logistician and Parachutist and then earned my Masters in Business. During the economic downturn my young family and I were briefly homeless but thanks to education, faith and tenacity were able to bounce back in a big way.

Curiosity lead me to try out code and in less then 4 months my self-taught obsession, Orlando Tech involvement and work with Ad2 Orlando landed me a kick-ass job at one of the biggest corporations in the world, Bonnier Corp. I am now the Senior Developer on our team.

I do frequent Tech Talks on JavaScript, UX, and Data Science in the talent rich arena of Orlando, FL. I am now fully commited to AWS + Machine Learning and will have a certification from Amazon verifying I am a AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate by April 2017. Pairing my programming skills with AWS will birth robust, smart and scaleable applications in 2017.

Programming is forever changing so maturity in 2016 halted mastery.

It's vital to be proficient in our ecosystem and avoid being a one-trick pony.
Marketing - Email, Content Marketing, Social Media
Python Libraries - (In Progress - February, 2017) Pandas & NumPy
Web Design - Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch
Web Services - (In Progress - February, 2017) - Amazon Web Services, Docker and Chef
Databases - (In Progress - February, 2017) - SQL, MongoDB, Other NoSQL DB's
JavaScript - jQuery, API's, es2015, D3.JS and more

Josh's Life Work

Future Data Scientist

I am currently enrolled in the top Amazon Web Services Certification Prep Program held by the Cloud Guru which includes all of the major components of AWS Cloud Architecture. I also have 30+ hours of supplemental material outlined to make the application of this powerful ecosystem complete.

My Education
Big League Team Player

Bonnier Corp. is one of the largest media companies in the world and I am honored to have been promoted two times in two years during my tenure since becoming a Programmer. Truly an amazing team of innovators.

My Current Job
Code Obsesser

I am obsessed with this craft. My passion has attracted some amazing friends ranging from Innovative Startup Engineers to the React.JS Futurist at Facebook. Most of my work has been non-disclosure but I am dedicated to filling my Github profile in 2017.

GIT Repository
Tech Advocate

Meet-ups, Mentors and Conferences jump-started my career so now I give back every chance I get. I love speaking about Programming, UX and Personal Branding. I am one of the co-founder's of Black Orlando Tech and the CTO of Lake Nona Tech.

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Despite the no smile picture above I aim to be humble and kind. Shoot me a line.